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Folks, I don't know where these people come from or how they find me (in an appliance repair website of all places!), but they seek me out like June bugs on a flood light. Here's proof that reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

Kitchen Fools

Laundry Fools

Small Appliance Fools

  • Moostafa--likes animals and children in a very, umm, special way.

  • Dierdre Holmes--"PETA" activist threatened to close the forum if I didn't change my banner.

  • Mrs. Charles Corey--needed her oven fixed, and I think something else, too...

    Natalie Cervello--uses her "psychic gift" to perceive that her fridge compressor is about to self-destruct.

  • Bob--he's an alcoholic and all the references to beer better be removed from the forum...or else!

  • Dizzy-Dazey--can't stop whining and babbling long enough to fix her washer.

  • Priscilla--her washer ate her bra and she hates men.

  • Scrub Daddy--trying to repair a very personal small appliance.

  • Mr. Harvey--Oops! Looks like Grandpa forgot his prozac again.

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