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Appliance Parts
850,000 Parts (Including Sears-Kenmore)- 70,000 Photos! Return any part for any reason. Appliance repair parts and accessories shipped overnight.
Appliance Breakdown Diagrams
Cool, interactive diagrams that show you how your appliances are put together. A great troubleshooting aid!
Appliance Accessories
Specialty tools for appliance repair, service manuals, water filters, cleaners, and tons of other accessories for all your appliances.

What is Live Help?

BBBOnLine Reliability SealLive Help is a subscription service where you get fast, interactive appliance repair help directly with Samurai Appliance Repair Man... live!

The cornucopia of benefits include:

  1. Phone calls, email, faxes, and/or online chat so you'll always have a certifiable appliance repair guru at your beck and call to show you the tricks-of-the-trade that only a Grand Master of Appliantology would know.
  2. Access to the Samurai's ever-expanding private vault of genuine manufacturer's repair manuals in PDF format.
  3. Access to the exclusive Enrolled Students Classroom at the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum where you'll receive priority attention to your problem.

I welcome professional servicers as enrolled students! In fact, many of my students are professional servicers. Just keep in mind that this program is priced and geared for helping homeowners repair their own appliances. That means this is not a tech hotline service-- I may or may not be available on a real-time basis when you're at a customer's house, scratching your head about what to do. I make every effort to be available by phone but, hey, I'm just one guy. One very talented and good-looking guy, to be sure, but one guy nonetheless.

Eligibility Requirements: You must own a multimeter and know how to make simple resistance and voltage measurements. If you have no idea what I just said, then you can easily learn by reading this non-techie, how-to guide on Making Basic Electrical Measurements. The Samurai will guide you through the circuitry by telling you what to measure and where, but you are expected to know how to use your own meter to make basic resistance and voltage measurements.

What's included in the Live Help program? I thought you'd never ask! Your annual enrollment includes the following benefits:

How much is all this? $2,000? NO! $487? No, but interesting guess. $79? Daf right, Homey. Yep, you get full annual enrollment in the Live Help program, including access to the Xdrive repair manual stash, for a measly 79 clams. Come and git it:

Shortly after you complete the checkout, I'll send you an email to jump start you on your way to appliance repair Nirvana.

Testimonial from an enlightened student of the Samurai School of Appliantology:

Randall Frank wrote:

The $$ I spent on "tuition" is among the best $$ I've spent in my life. Over the first 6 months it's probably saved me over $1,000 in service calls, not to mention hours of waiting at home for repair persons who will be there "sometime between 8am and noon". He even told me how to fix a dishwasher circuit board (that I'm sure a repair person would have simply replaced) by re-soldering a cold connection, including the precise location of the connection that was "cold" (saved cost: $300). He has a 1000 batting average in picking the failed part based simply on a phone description of the problem! The repair manual library is invaluable for fix-it-yourselfers. This is an amazing service!

Randy Frank
Weston, MA

Wondering what my qualifications are to give professional appliance repair advice? Fair enough. I am a fully-trained, licensed, and certified appliance technician in real life. With over 30 years experience in the repairing arts and two engineering degrees, I bring a level of expertise and communication skills unmatched anywhere in the appliance repair trade. This means I can help you solve your appliance problems while making the complex understandable for you.

Want some gory details? Ok, read this... if you dare. ;)

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